A Christian School of Architecture:

Architecture from a Biblical Worldview

One of mankind’s most basic needs has always been, and remains, shelter.  The quality and condition of these shelters throughout history has been a major factor in the development of human civilization and culture.  Therefore, architects have played a primary role in not only reflecting, but also actually shaping the human condition since the beginning of civilization.  And as a Christian school of Architecture, we care deeply about humanity.

We also see that a critical piece of every civilization has been man’s relationship with God, as evidenced by established worship spaces.  As these particularized gathering spaces became increasingly important and symbolic to the worshipers who inhabited them, they sought to express this importance and symbolism in built form.

Therefore, from the ancient Egyptians to modern Americans, what we repeatedly see in the course of human civilization and in the bible itself, is the vital part that architecture has played in people’s physical and spiritual lives.  In fact, Hebrews 11:10 refers to God Himself as the great architect – “For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God”.

For CBU in particular, it is important to realize that design and the Great Commission are natural partners, because design is a language through which the real needs of people can be met and the love of God communicated.  Because of CBU’s position as a Great Commission University, our architecture students will be receiving a more holistic education than their counterparts at secular institutions, and will in turn be prepared for more meaningful careers.

Southern California has traditionally been the epicenter of not only the advancement of architectural design and theory, but also of expanding the industries that recognize and incorporate architects into their process. The architecture program at California Baptist University looks forward to establishing partnerships between the University, Inland Empire, State and National sectors.