Photography (B.A.)

The Photography Major program is designed to instruct the student in three major areas, or interests, in photography: Commercial, Fine Art, and Sports. Students will learn the integration of theory, best-practices, hands-on and assignment instruction.

Lower Division Requirements

DES 110 Design Thought Foundations I

Units: 3. Offered: Fall, Spring.

The course will be an introduction to 2D design thinking, as applied to the interrelated, interdisciplinary fields of design and as understood from a biblical world-view. Basic design theories, principles, major movements and works will be covered. Basic creative approaches and design expressions are explored through projects, class discussions, field trips and lectures. This course is an introduction to the design paths available through the College of Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design, but also serves non-design majors interested in discovering design.

PHO 105 The Camera

Units: 3. Offered: Fall, Spring.

Students will understand, and become comfortable, with the foundational use of the camera by understanding exposure through metering and the relationship between – ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. Students will begin to implement foundational design elements through composition, and compression through different lens focal lengths. Students will produce and analyze photographs by employing professional photographic techniques and the introduction of a digital workflow.

PHO 110 Fundamental Commercial Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Fall.

This course surveys contemporary genres within Commercial Photography. While introducing the practical skills of production and conceptual development, students will work to plan and execute camera-based assignments in the areas of editorial and advertising photography. Prerequisite: PHO 105.

PHO 120 Fundamental Fine Art Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Fall.

This introductory course explores the conceptual and expressive principals of Fine Art Photography through lectures, discussions, assignments and field trips. Students will submit their work for critique, refining the theoretical and practical skills needed to create meaningful imagery.  Prerequisite: PHO 105.

PHO 140 History of Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Fall, Spring.

This course follows movements and themes in the history of photography from its inception at the turn of the 19th century to today. In this class, students will identify key works and discuss their significance in a historical context. On a more theoretical level, photography will be observed as cultural production that shapes personal and political ideology. Photographic  examples will be presented from photojournalism, documentary, fine art, advertising, fashion and academia to more vernacular uses in everyday life. Through readings, discussions and assignments students will build the visual literacy needed to experience, understand and analyze images.

PHO 250 Post-Production

Units: 3. Offered: Spring.

Through this course, students will develop the technical foundation needed to process and retouch images with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Students will build a professional workflow utilizing digital asset management, image selection, and global adjustments with non-destructive methods. Further pixel adjustments will be made within Photoshop for advanced retouching.

Upper Division Requirements

DES 310 Design Thought Practicum

Units: 3. Offered: Fall.

Design Thought Practicum builds on and continues the process of understanding interdisciplinary design thinking.  The aim of the course is for students to apply the principles and processes of design thinking to the act of design. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams to complete design exercises and projects.  Topics include developing a larger framework for design, design methods, design process, human factors in design, and environmental factors. Prerequisite: DES 110.

PHO 330 Visual Storytelling

Units: 3. Offered: Spring.

This course integrates a conceptual framework and narrative structure into the photographic process. Utilizing color, design and visual communication skills to evoke emotion, students will learn how narrative shapes messaging. The course supports students involved in a wide range of photographic disciplines where visual storytelling is critical to a work’s reception.  Pre-Requisite: PHO 105

PHO 332 Studio Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Spring.

This course will implement a practical workflow within a controlled space, utilizing the tools and techniques of studio photographers. Students will gain an understanding of light quality and how it relates to ideas, and the emotional depiction of a subject. Students will understand how to craft their lighting to the specific subject they are photographing. Labs will be hands-on, integrating professional studio practices for digital capture and utilizing industry-wide workflow standards related to the latest software and hardware.  Pre-Requisite: PHO 110

PHO 350 Digital Printing and Color Management

Units: 3. Offered: Fall.

This course presents students with the digital workflow techniques needed to produce archival photographs. File preparation, resolution selection, print-profiling, paper selection and soft-proofing techniques will be covered. Students will learn the techniques of digital color management by applying color profiles to produce archival prints for the purpose of promotional, gallery, and printed portfolios.  Pre-Requisite: PHO 250

PHO 432 On Location Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Fall.

This course will challenge the photography student to tell stories outside the controlled environment and to successfully navigate lighting and viewpoint obstacles. Prerequisite: PHO 332.

PHO 433 Photography Open Studio

Units: 3. Offered: Fall, Spring.

Upper division photography students focusing on their concentration will work one-on-one with their professor within a class setting to further develop their specific conceptual and technical skills that will enable them to successfully bring their vision and portfolio to completion.  Prerequisite: PHO350.

PHO 485 Photography Business

Units: 3. Offered: Spring.

This lecture course will introduce the students to principles of self-promotion, taxes, bidding, pricing, the procurement of work and agents.

PHO 499 Senior Show

Units: 1. Offered: Fall, Spring.

This  course  prepares  the  students  for  their  capstone  show  and  the  pending  graduation  into  their  post-undergraduate endeavors. Prerequisites: Senior status and Permission of the Department Director / Chair.

Concentration Courses

Students must complete all requirements in one of the following concentrations: Commercial Photography; Fine Art Photography.

Commercial Photography

PHO 310 Intermediate Commercial Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Spring.

This course further explores the genres within Commercial Photography allowing students to begin focusing on a body of work specific to their niche within that genre.  Further refinement through technical demonstrations and critique will allow students to begin to define an artistic style that is viable within the commercial marketplace.  Pre-Requisite: PHO 110.

PHO 400 Special Topics in Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Fall, Spring.

Special Topics regularly include:

Food / Product Photography
Wedding Photography
Sports Photography
Fashion / Beauty Photography
Still Life

PHO 415 Advanced Commercial Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Fall.

This course encompasses an advanced approach to both studio and location photography within commercial photography. Emphasis is placed on the creative application of lighting technique and style to further develop the students vision and commercial portfolio. Pre-requisits: PHO310.

Fine Art Photography

PHO 320 Intermediate Fine Art Photography

Units: 3. Offered: Spring.

This course further explores the facets of fine art photography which include working with models, location acquisition and working in a collaborative environment. The student will be challenged to propose and execute creative solutions to problems set up by the instructor. Prerequisite: PHO 120.