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College of Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design

The College of Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design embraces the entire spectrum of design-oriented disciplines, all students will experience our interdisciplinary approach to learning that offers unique and unlimited opportunities for collaboration, inspiration, and most importantly, a deep and well-rounded education. And building on this broad foundation, the college is continually expanding our program offerings to ensure our students continue to receive the most innovative and comprehensive education.

Students also benefit from a practice-based approach that connects them directly with professional organizations throughout Southern California, exposing them to real business situations, and often allowing them to take part in the professional process through mentoring and internships.

What makes the College of Architecture, Visual Arts, and Design truly unique is that we teach these programs from a Christian worldview, encouraging students to use their creative talents to engage and inspire the world around them.

For information about our downtown gallery please call 951-680-9681
Tuesday-Saturday 12:00PM-8:00PM
CBU Gallery
3737 Main St. #101
Riverside, CA 92501