Michael Berger, M.F.A.

Associate Professor of Graphic Design

25 Years Design Experience.
Work has appeared in Wall Street Journal.
Produced TV Commercial & Music Videos.
Creative Director for Harvest: Greg Laurie.
Work Published in Logo Lounge Series.
Traveled World as Photographer.

Michael Berger, M.F.A, is a designer and photographer with 25 years of experience in the design industry including working with and directing world class photographers.  Using image, texture and color he builds images from the ground up for moods.

The camera has afforded him the opportunity to meet people and travel the world.  He has photographed rock stars and people on the fringe of society.  It has taught him to enjoy people – to really look at everyone and search for who they are in that moment.  He is not so interested in who they project on to him but who they can’t hide from him – that split moment when the weight of their persona is lifted and they are revealed.


M.F.A., Graphic Design, California State University at Fullerton
B.F.A., Graphic Design, Minor in Illustration, California State University at Fullerton