Trever Hoehne to speak at Harvest Creative Collective and CBU Design + Photography Keynote this week.

September 14, 2015 7 PM

The first week of classes were teaming with excitement to get started. It felt like we never left. Projects and course work began right away as professors challenged the students to work hard as if “working for the Lord”. The Bible is quite clear about how we are to work and if our intentions and attitude are properly placed then the work flows.

Trever Hoehne will be speaking Monday night at Harvest’s first Harvest Creative Collective. Michael Berger, Creative Director of Visual Comm at Harvest will introduce Trever as, “the artist that really shaped the visual imagery at Harvest through his photography”.

We love the folks who have donated to sponsor students this last few weeks. My personal fav is Brogan’s quote: “I had such a great time on the desert trip that I want to help a student go on one.” It is that spirit that makes all our work to make it happen so worth it.