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The annual CBU Design + Photography Pool Shoot produces some great work. Up next is the desert shoot and you be part!

The 4th Annual CBU Design + Photography Pool Shoot challenges the students to get out of their comfort zone and into the CBU Aquatic Center pool. This year students brought their models and setup a great underwater production. The students move freely from the lighted backdrop, to shallow water, and deep water settings. The Model Club at CBU provided models and other models provides great subjects.

Up next for CBU Design + Photography is the 3rd annual Desert Shoot. The faculty and staff will host Design and Photography students for a 3-day photoshoot. It is a great opportunity for students to push their limits and build portfolio. If you have the ability to sponsor a student for $30 please contact kheinze@calbaptist.edu to learn how you can be part.

Students, there is now a waiting list for the trip. Please signup with Karen.